Monday, June 29, 2009

“Face in a Case” Mineral Makeup

Me & celebrity lifestyle blogger Micah Jesse @ Steve Nash's Party

I am without a doubt, a girl on the go. Ask anyone who calls or messages me, and they’ll tell you that I’m always making a mad dash from one place to another. My days start early and usually end late (sometimes even into the wee hours of the next morning). Life in the city can be unpredictable too. You never know where you might go or who you might bump into – After I left the cmarchuska trunk show @ The Green Room NYC last Wednesday, I ran into Fat Joe @ Milk Gallery and Steve Nash @ his party being held at Hudson Terrace. (It was an unexpectedly busy day – I even lost a shoe that night!) But the one thing I never worried about was how my face looked. Thanks to my Dieci Colori “Face in a Case” mineral makeup kit, I kept my face looking fresh and colorful.

Dieci Colori cosmetics make life easier for busy women like me, who are looking for a convenient and natural way to enhance their beauty. Marie Gaglioti, president of Dieci Cosmetics has designed an innovative cosmetics line (among others beauty & wellness product lines) that is simple, chic, and healthy for your skin.

Dieci Colori uses micronized minerals to protect and gently correct skin tones. The minerals have powerful light reflective properties that hide imperfections and reveal your skin’s natural radiance.

My make-up case comes complete with:
• Multi-colored Mineral Powder
• Mineral Matte Blush
• 3 Mineral Matte Eyeshadows
• Mineral Shadow
• Large Shadow Eyeliner
• Shadow Applicator/Blender Brush
• Lip Liner
• Lip Stick

This line offers an array of wearable, hypoallergenic formulas and classic shades. There is also a vast assortment of lipsticks, shadows, and eye and lip pencils featuring the latest colors. Plus, you’re not just limited to that… blend different shadow shades and blushes together to create your own unique colors!

Check out all of your color options and products at Dieci Colori.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Organic Baby on Board?!

This little sailor is growing big & strong because he eats organic!
I think not. Or at least not until I find a good man & get married (something that might take me a lifetime to do. LOL) :-) Anyway, organic baby food may be an odd topic for me to write about since I don’t have children, but it’s still makes sense to me considering my best friend just had her 2nd child. It’s important that “Auntie Mia” knows what to feed the little bambinos when I go and babysit.

Here are some facts that Ideal Bite taught me about why it’s better to switch to ORGANIC – Trust me…Mother Nature & your baby will reap the benefits.

• A Tasty way to Health - Organic versions don't contain the fat, fillers, salt, and sugar you normally find in “regular” baby foods. And since those little munchkins like to eat non-stop (so they can grown strong & healthy), the toxins in conventionally grown foods (sprayed with nasty pesticides) will potentially cause them harm.

• Mounds of topsoil - Organic farming can produce 6 inches of healthy topsoil in as little as 50 years (it takes nature about 3,000 years to produce the same amount of topsoil).

• Do it Yourself & Save - Preparing your own baby food can save you major bucks. Something we all want to do during economic times like these.

Some Premade Options

Jack's Harvest - organic purees in heart-shaped "cubes"; first stage includes yummy Papplesauce (peach, apple, and cinnamon). You can also try Tasty Baby or Gerber Organics

Happybellies Dry Cereals - organic, mixed-grain cereals with probiotics; perfect for your baby's first venture with solid foods ($24/six 7-ounce canisters).

Earth's Best Baby Food - organic jarred options tailored to your baby’s different developmental stages. ($5/six 2.5-ounce jars).

DIY Options

Wholesome Baby Food - an online hub for baby food recipes and info.

“Auntie” Mia

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Memorable Organic Dinner

You may have heard through the grapevine (via Facebook or Twitter) about the delicious dinner I cooked recently for some friends in Brooklyn… The cruddy weather had finally cleared up enough to be able to celebrate the onset of summer with some good eats & company. Friday night was my night to shine. I became Susie Homemaker/Chef “Boyar-Mia” and displayed my culinary skills to all.

The goal that night: show my friends how easy it is to cook a healthy meal & as JT would say, “bring sexy back” into the kitchen.

I whipped up a Mexican themed feast for about a dozen people. The menu included fresh ingredients from Whole Foods and locally grown fruits and vegetables from my neighborhood street vendor. I lugged about 20 lbs of groceries and a few kitchen accessories in 2 reusable bags.

For the appetizers, I served up organic baby carrots, humus dip, and cheese & crackers for everyone to nosh on while I slaved over the hot stove. For our entrĂ©e, I made organic chicken & beef tacos, homemade “dirty” rice with fresh vegetables, and sweet potato fries…Then came my killer dessert! I baked gooey brownies served with vanilla bean frozen yogurt topped with fresh blueberries & strawberries.

At times the counter got messy from all the chopping & dicing…but thankfully in my bag of supplies I had my new set of OK Kitchen accessories from Organic Pure Life. My OK Kitchen set included 2 kitchen towels, a dish cloth, and a pot mitt all made from 100% organic cotton ($26). What’s good about organic cotton is that it’s grown WITHOUT the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. And the threads are colored with low impact dyes.

The towels were very absorbent for wiping up spills and drying dishes. My favorite accessory from the set though is the pot mitt! It’s very plush and created a protective shield so I wouldn’t burn my hand when I moved scalding hot pans in and out of the oven.

Check out the wide variety of personal & home products Organic Pure Life has to offer. And remember, you’re helping replenish and maintain soil fertility by going organic & sustainable in the kitchen. A healthy home = a happy planet!


Chef Mia

P.S. – I’m up for cooking again if someone supplies me with the space!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Gomi NYC, the sustainable clothing and lifestyle store, is hosting a trunk show for the fashion forward women’s line, Ryann.

Come join me and a bunch of other fashionista's during this great shopping event! Here are the details you need to know...

When: Thursday June 25, 2009 from 5-8 pm

What: All of Ryann's current spring and summer pieces will be marked 10-15% off. In addition, for the trunk show event the entire store will be marked down 20%-50%.

Where: Gomi is located at 443 east 6th street between 1st Ave and Ave A

About: Ryann is made locally (here in NYC's garment district) from all sustainable fabrics. Gomi carries a wide assortment of local and international sustainable designers, as well as sustainable shoes, skin care products, house wares and gift items.

Good Eats: Wine and cheese will be served to all attendees as well as the chance to win a raffle prize.

Yummy! I love when I get to munch while I shop. Hopefully my sipping action doesn't show when I hit the volleyball court to play in my game afterward. hehehe


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Preserve Razors – An Eco-Friendly Way to Shave

Tired of staring at your itsy bitsy bikini or hip swim trunks just sitting on the closet floor?! Well get ready to wear them! The forecast claims we’re finally getting some bathing suit weather this weekend. The only question is… are you prepared?

Sometimes we’re in such a rush to get outdoors that it’s easy to forget things like your water bottle or even sunscreen, but there’s one thing you CAN’T FORGET to do…SHAVE your legs or possibly your hairy ape chest (I know some of you guys like to keep it clean and smooth).

Seriously, make sure you defuzz before rushing out the door to show off your hot bod at the beach or in the park. It’s easy to do with all the innovations in shaving, and now we’ve got an eco-friendly option too!

Pick up a Preserve® Razor and get silky smooth results without sacrificing performance. Preserve Razors have titanium-coated blades and a lubricated strip for comfort. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip and control even during the sudsiest showers.

The razor’s handle is made from 100% RECYCLED plastic, including, 65% of it from Stonyfield Farm’s yogurt cups, and lastly it’s fully recyclable! The blades are easy to replace and the packaging doubles as a reusable travel case which can be returned for recycling by using Preserve’s postage-paid label.

You can buy Preserve’s eco-friendly razors and other Preserve products online or stop by your nearest Target, Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods to select them in person. They're pretty cheap too - I saw a 4 pack online for only $6.95. Enjoy the shave!


• Handle is made from 100% recycled plastic, including 65% from Stonyfield Farm® yogurt cups

• Titanium coated blades with Vitamin E and Aloe lubricating strip

• Replacement blades available in packs of 4

• Handle also works with Personna® Acti-Flexx® and Gillette® Sensor® blades



Super Discounts: Handbag Sample Sale in NYC!

Listen up New Yorkers! You’re all invited to Jane Marvel’s first ever Sample Sale where merchandise will be up to 50% off!

Who: Jane Marvel handbags

What: Jane Marvel’s sustainable handbags are lightweight and made from laminated canvas (making them virtually waterproof – something we seem to desperately need with this weather we’ve been seeing) and have a polyester lining. All of the products are Vegan, which means that the handles and trim are NOT made from leather. PETA lovers will be happy with this I’m sure.

When: Tuesday, June 23rd – Thursday, June 25th from 10AM to 7PM

Where: 499 Seventh Avenue - 3 South, on the corner of W. 37th – NYC

What’s it worth to you: Now is your chance to clutch your hands around on one of these fabulous eco-bags for a mere fraction of the retail price! My inside source has informed me that some items will go for as low as $5!! (the top of the price range won’t max $85) You can't beat those prices for these high quality bags.

It’s CASH ONLY – so make sure you swing by the bank on your way to Jane Marvel’s 1st sample ever Sample Sale!



Stay tuned for some more info about other eco-fashion sample sales going on this week! You’re not going to want to miss out.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Organic with a Twist of Edge

It’s funny how some people think just because I live uptown, that I must dress only like an “uptown girl” (think frilly skirts & sweater sets). In reality, I pride myself on being a fashion chameleon and having the ability to adapt and blend my style to fit my surroundings. With that being said, don’t expect to see me all dolled up in a fancy dress when I’m hangin’ in SoHo or the Lower East Side… Instead, you’re likely to see me in an outfit that’s got some modern edge. Cue Ryann (designed by Raina Blyer) into the picture - one of my favorite NYC based eco-brands known for its precise detailing and timeless looks that capture a “punch of downtown.”

Last night I was tasked with getting ready to meet a friend for dinner & a movie downtown, but the only problem was I didn’t know where we were actually going! Was I venturing to eat at a hole in the wall or one of the city’s most posh restaurants? I had to solve a fashion equation but I was missing some key factors. All I knew was:

I was headed to “downtown destination unknown” and needed a light jacket to battle the chilly air & rain, plus a look that would make me feel over or under dressed at the restaurant.

My wardrobe solution? I paired a hip colorful top with black skinny jeans, slipped my feet into some heels, and reached for "Mick" - my razor sharp, fitted black organic cotton motorcycle style jacket by Ryann. I love the sheen of the "Mick" jacket because it gives the appearance that it’s made from leather (without actually using leather or pleather). Plus, the seams are sewn in a way that cuts the body in all the right places, and the off-centered zipper and wide collar & lapels add extra style to this fashion forward must.

The question now is, did I solve the equation properly?! I think so… we ended up at Cafetasia for a tasty Thai fusion dinner & went to see a foreign flick @ Sunshine Cinema on Houston before heading over to Alphabet city for a nightcap at one of the local bars. My sexy biker eco-chic style fit the neighborhood perfectly.


Beauty Contest Deadline tomorrow!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to remind you all that the Belegenza Hair Care contest ends tomorrow evening. Click on the link above and enter for your chance to win some great eco-beauty products! All you need to do is post a comment with your best eco-beauty tip.