Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Korean celebrities with Honey Thighs

Korean women are famous outsite Korea for her original beauty, eye plastic surgery, and later we recently hear Honey Thighs from Korean Girls. Honey Thighs is a new phrase and very popular in Korea today besides Chocolate ABS. Honey Thighs may be describe a woman who has a sexy thighs, sweet as honey thighs, or the thigh looks very delicious that make us want to eat it up.

Actually, the use of word Honey Thighs is still controversy. "Honey thighs” isn’t as simple as it may initially sound, claiming that honey thighs is more sexual and means something more along the lines of “a thigh I’d love to rub honey on and lick off”. But what's matter the meaning, the women still want to have that honey thighs.

Korean Celebrities are the object with this Honey Thighs. The most famous Korean Celebrities with honey thighs like Tiffany from SNSD, UEE from After School, and 2NE1's Park Bom.

Others disagreed, and some said that if you're going to get rid of 'honey thighs', you'll also have to get rid of jinseungnam (beastman) or 'chocolate abs'.

Tiffany Honey Thighs Secret

Tiffany from SNSD was voted as celebrity with the most attractive thighs. Recently, Tiffany's thighs were measured using a measuring tape and they were found to have a ratio of 5:3:2, which is known as the perfect proportion. Her 'honey thighs' were also shown to be firm due to exercise and the audience and other guests gasped in surprise.

Tiffany's exercise routine was specially developed by Body Designer Kim Soochang with SNSD in mind, since it is hard for them to squeeze in time for exercising. Tiffany said, "I made my figure while having fun, not exerting a lot of energy, and without specialized exercise equipment."

Jessica showed off her 'golden hip' with her 'Jessica Hip Kick', which creates an 'X-line'. 'X-line' is the generic term for the upper and lower body, where the waist is slender and the hip has volume. This newest body trend transcends the 'S-line' and is becoming popular among females.

Song Minsuk, who developed the 'Jessica Hip Kick', said, "As long as you have an umbrella or a broom, you can do this exercise at home, school, or anywhere else. If you diligently do it every day, you will slenderize your waist and lift your rear [as opposed to having your rear sag]".

Honey Thighs in Korean Language

The phrase Honey Thighs is very popular today. The word Honey Thighs in Korean Language is :
~ kkool-bawk-jjee ~
< Honey Thighs >

Photos of Korean Celebrities with honey thighs

Korean Honey Thighs Park Bom
Photos of Park Bom’s honey thighs on her me2DAY commenting. Park Bom’s pure white skin and her slim thigh lines are the center of attraction for the eyes of horny netizens.

Korean Honey Thighs Park Bom
Park Bom’s photos for 2009 Melon Awards, showing her honey thighs

Korean Honey Thighs Tiffany
Netizens chose SNSD's Tiffany as 1st for celebrity who has the most attractive thighs.

Korean Honey Thighs UEE
UEE from After School is famous for her honey thighs

Korean Honey Thighs UEE
The photo of UEE shows her perfect boy line,her leg lines and her honey thighs can be seen clearly in the photo above.

Korean Honey Thighs Lee Da Hae
Lee Da Hae shows her sexy honey thighs for Marie Claire.

Watch a sexy honey thighs from UEE. Cool Soju CF ft. UEE - Dance Version video

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cool Hair Style of Boys

Picture Boy Hair 1Boy Hair Picture 1
Picture Boy Hair 2Boy Hair Picture 2
Picture Boy Hair 3Boy Hair Picture 3
Picture Boy Hair 4Boy Hair Picture 4
Picture Boy Hair 5Boy Hair Picture 5
Picture Boy Hair 6Boy Hair Picture 6
Picture Boy Hair 7Boy Hair Picture 7

Friday, June 25, 2010

Korean football 2010 Jersey Home and Aways

Football is the most popular sport in Korea Republic besides Baseball, Badminton, and Bowling. Now the Korea football fans are in a hysteric again during this FIFA 2010 World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Korea Republic has qualified again for its eight World Cup Final Tournament, joined in group B with Argentina, Nigeria, and Greece.

The Red Devils, the nickname of Korea Republic Football team, has qualified for the next Knockout stages of the World Cup 2010 Game.Korean football fans in Seoul are in euforia after watch their national team are through into the next round.

Jerseys or Kits in Korea Republic take a important role for Korean Fashion. Famous for its red shirts, so it's called The Red Devils, Korean Football shirts are evolving during the world cup history. Due to a lot of Korean like to watch football live, wearing the national team's jersey can be considered as a pride as a Korean, especially Korea Republic is through into Knock Out stage in world Cup 2010. Wearing the national jersey show the spirit of Korean, and fans can wear the jersey not only in the match, but also everywhere as a fashion outifts.

Korea Republic Jersey is sponsored by Nike. The teams wearing Nike’s new national team jerseys in South Africa are: Brazil, The Netherlands, Portugal, USA, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Serbia, and SloveniaThe new South Korea World CUp 2010 Home & Away Jersey had officially been launched.

All our South Korea 2010 World Cup Home Jerseys are available in sizes S, M L, XL and XXL, and can be customised with official shirt printing in World Cup style for all your favourite stars including Lee Woon-Jae, Lee Young-Pyo, Cha Du-Ri, Kim Nam-Il. Park Ji-Sung, Seol Ki-Hyeon and Lee Dong-Gook.

As always, Nike have used the latest technology for the 2010 World Cup South Korea home & away jersey shirts.

Korea Republic World Cup 2010 Home Jersey

South Korea World Cup 2010 Home Jersey

The South Korea home shirt design is predominately red with a small blue patch on the edge of both sleeves. The team are nicknamed “the Tigers” and this is reflected in their base design with darker red wavy patches running throughout the body. The collar is a blue round neck whilst the blue ouline of the national badge is situated in the top left.

Korea Republic World Cup 2010 Away Jersey

South Korea World Cup 2010 Away Jersey

The new South Korea 2010 away shirt design is predominately white with a blue patch on the edge of each sleeve. As with the home design, darker stripes are present throughout the entirety of the body. The collar is a white V neck and a dark blue national badge outline is also present in the top left.

Photos of Korea Republic 2010 Football Jerseys and Kits :

South Korea World Cup 2010 Home Jersey

South Korea World Cup 2010 Home Jersey

South Korea World Cup 2010 Home Jersey
Park Ji Sung, captain of South Korea Football team wearing the home jersey. Park Ji Sung now is playing for England's Manchester United Football Club.

South Korea World Cup 2010 Home Jersey

South Korea World Cup 2010 Away Jersey
Lee Chung Young from England's club Bolton Wanderers, was the first model to wear the South Korea's away jersey in London

South Korea World Cup 2010 Away Jersey

South Korea World Cup 2010 Away Jersey

Watch Park Ji Sung and others wearing Korean National Football team 2010 jersey video here

Friday, June 18, 2010

Bridal and Wedding Hairstyles

bridal hairstyle
bridal hairstylesIf you are a bride to be, then one of the most important decisions you will have to make for your big day is how to wear your hair. There are so many bridal hairstyles to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice. A very popular style for brides is the updo style. You can choose a very simple updo style, or a more sophisticated one. Some bridal updo hairstyles really are a work of art, and for some more completed version of these styles you will need to pay a visit to the hairdressers. It is of course always a good idea to have a trial run of your hairstyle before the big wedding day.

Choose Bridal Hairstyles According to Season & Theme

An important consideration in the hairstyle you choose will be the time of year you plan to get bridal hairstyle for weddingmarried, and your style of

wedding dress. If for example you have chosen a 1920s style then, dress you may want to choose a sleek bob as a hairstyle. If you have chosen a lacy romantic dress then you might want to choose a hairstyle with cascading curls.

Wedding in Winter/Summers: If you plan to get married in winter when there may be a lot of wind then you will probably choose an updo hairstyle where your hair is kept firmly in place than a long flowing style, where your hair may blow in your face. If you are going to get married in a very sunny and hot climate, then you may want to choose a style where your hair is swept back off your face.

For Short Hair: If you have short hair then there are lots of possibilities open to you, you can choose to make your hair more interesting by carefully selecting a flower or hair piece to place in your hair.

Some Photos of Kate Gosselin Hair

Kate Gosselin in Purple Dress 33555PCN Kate Gosselin at Book Signing 35211PCN Kate Gosselin with Blonde Hair
Kate Gosselin with Medium Length HairKate Gosselin with Tony Dovolanikate gosselin hairstyles

Hair Games

The celebrities have been the most popular in hair makeovers, if you want to study how they successful choose the style that fits them, here are some guidelines which you can apply not only for yourself but also to enjoy and have fun with hair games. Hair games are one of the best means to define your style and lay an imprint of your personality. So learn different hair styles and do a complete makeover of your hair with hair games!

Know what personality you want to portray. Having a great hair starts by knowing who you are and being decided on what you want to portray. This will lay out the outline that you need to do the makeover.

Hair Game

Check the shape of your face. Many hair stylists, whom you are one with hair games, decide on the hair style with the shape of the face. Having an oval face, heart-shaped, pear-shaped, or rectangular face would make a difference into deciding the hair style. This is because you can highlight the face by the style of the hair.

Options of Wedding Hair style

How hairdo of the bride does on the day of the wedding is a big decision. If not like it, then it can affect her mood during the wedding day. It is urgent to choose a bride style that is unusual, but at the same time it feels. Here are some suggestions:
Some brides choose to be the hair around his shoulders. When you dress with bare back, beautiful hair is to be played. But, very long hair can cover all key applications on the back of the dress.
Long Wedding Hair StylesLong Wedding Hair Styles

Brides who wear hair up nice to be able to do so would dress up to touch her neck. Also, if you do not want to hide something on the back of the dress Janos hair up. Some brides who have beautiful long hair feel they need to emphasize their special days. Another lack of hair is collected it will be long after the wedding to remove needles and ornaments from her hair.
wedding hairstyles bridal hair designs
wedding hairstyles bridal hair designs

Some young women want curly hair because it looks very elegant and exotic. Kadravata hair is cute, and act feminine, but if it is not natural, it will be very difficult to sustain during the wedding.
wedding hairstyles for long hairwedding hairstyles for long hair
With short or long, flat or curly hair, make sure that you will choose a style that will be satisfied and that will make you feel good on the day of your wedding.
elegant wedding hairstylewedding hairstyle
elegant wedding hairstyle