Tuesday, June 15, 2010

David Villa Faux Hawk hairstyles

David Villa fauxmohawk
Next to Christiano Ronaldo, men love David Villa, the El Guaje of team Spain in the FIFA World Cup 2010. However, they do not really fancy him as a striker. They also like him because he re-introduced a once-dead hairstyle, now more popular known as David Villa faux hawk hairstyle.

Faux hawk simply means faux Mohawk. It became very popular during the 1980s until newer men's hairstyles came about, and it was completely forgotten. Thanks to David Villa, the guys discovered how to be edgy without really doing much on their hair.

davidvilla fohawkIt is easy to achieve the same look. Like a typical Mohawk, there will be fewer hairs on the side, but shaving all of them, the side hairs are just cut shorter. The middle hair is left to be longer. This way, the wearer has the option to apply gel or wax and let them stand up, just like a typical Mohawk.

The advantage of wearing a faux hawk is that the men can easily manipulate their hair. When they want to be laid-back, they can simply comb the standing hair down, and he can appear like the boy next door again. Moreover, this hairstyle is very convenient to maintain. All a man needs is a good trim.

David Villa Faux Hawk SpikyDavid Villa Faux Hawk hairstyles
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