Thursday, June 3, 2010

Korean Celebrities in Christopher Kane T-Shirt

Christopher Kane is a young designer from Glasgow, famous for her unique T-Shirt design. His trademark T-Shirt such as Gorilla print T-shirt dress, “Doll Face” T-Shirt, "Face-Print" T-Shirt.

There are a lot of famous celebrities in the world had wore Christopher Kane's trademark T-Shirt such as Rihanna, Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan, and others.

In Korea, the popularity of Christopher Kane's T-Shirt also affecting in Korean Celebrity wears. Many Kpop artists have wore the trademark Christopher Kane's Face-Print T-Shirt such as Dae Sung from Big Bang, 2NE1, Park Bom, Kang Dong Won, Sulli from f(x), and so more.

Kpop Fans are expecting another member of YG Family or a member of 2NE1 to wear the Christopher Kane's Face-Print T-Shirt. If you didn't notice, Park Bom (박봄) wore the shirt while celebrating 2NE1's 1st Anniversary!

Photos of Hollywood Celebrities wearing Christopher Kane Fashion Tshirt

Carey Mulligan Christopher Kane
Carey Mulligan made her arrival in a black leather shift dress from Christopher Kane Fall collection.

Rihanna Christopher Kane
Singer Rihanna shows off her Gorilla print dress by Christopher Kane. Middle and right one of Kane's new tees and an illustrated design by Lovisa Burfit

Emma Watson Christopher Kane
Emma Watson wore a naughty-meets-nice leather-and-lace Christopher Kane minidress with embroidered floral details, which she paired with black-flame pumps by Casadei. She co-hosted a London Show Rooms party at Pulinos Bar and Pizzeria in NYC.

Korean Celebrities also don't want to miss Christopher Kane's T-shirt

Dae Sung Christopher Kane
Dae-Sung (대성) wearing Christopher Kane's uber-cute Face-Print T-Shirt!

2NE1 Christopher Kane
Member of YG Family 2NE1 also wore the Christopher Kane's Face-Print T-Shirt.

fx sulli christopher kane
f(x)'s Sulli also wore the same top in the exact color as Kang Dong Won to a performance at Jang An University

Kang Dong Won Christopher Kane
Actor Kang Dong Won (강동원) was also spotted wearing Christopher Kane's Face-Print T-Shirt in an interview

Christoper Kane
Christopher Kane is a Glasgow-born London-based fashion designer, who graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2006

Christopher Kane Tshirt
The Christopher Kane's Face-Print T-Shirt is available on Net-A-Porter for USD$285 as well as Matches for USD$320.76.

Christopher Kane fashion show- Women's Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2010 in London video here

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