Sunday, July 4, 2010

Top 4 Dramatic Women Hair Styles for Fall 2009 which is still exist in 2010

The latest season is a good time to try and carry a different look. While stores will be soon full of fabulous and gorgy on-trend fashion buys, the top style revamp you can make is a fresh new hairstyle. Hair this fall is all about extreme and ultimate styling. Check out some chunky hairstyles for autumn. Long, flowing hair is the ultimate top hair trend this fall. If you’re already having long hair or your hair grows quick, then you’re in luck. Get-in-style with those long hairs in retro waves, loose beach waves or smooth and sleek hairstyles. Carrie Underwood looks very elegant in these voluminous long hair. Quality extensions can be accessed to make different hairstyles for ladies with short hairs.

Carrie Underwood volumious long hair

It seems that 40’s are coming back this season with 1940’s dress trends and hair styles. Mermaid style is becoming popular these days for its classic and elegant look. Hilary Duff was caught in this beautiful mermaid haircut.

Hilary duff mermaid style

Victoria Beckham & Katie Holmes are trend setters and they introduced Pixie Bob in 2008. But the trend still seems to be in fashion for 2009. Victoria Beckham managed to pull off the look by over-styling and wearing with ultra-feminine clothes. The challenge for this cut is simply that it should always be well styled. Otherwise it will create a tired middle-aged housewife look.

Pixie short hair

Cropped bob was ruling 2008 with many A-listers cutting their hair shorter and setting this trend on and off the red carpet. As for the fall 2009, this trend will remain similar with slight changes added to the overall tendency. In short, forget about bob, try something extremely short, girly, sexual or extremely slick.

Jessica Alba short hairstyle

The cropped bob is much chunkier than pixie bob and is usually one length, right below the ears with blunt shorter layers and bangs. All these hairstyles are trendy and perfect for a gorgeous look. All you need to do is choose a perfect dress and makeup, that can be easily done by hitting any of online store like Macy’s, Target or Nordstrom and utilizing Target Promotional Codes for stylish and savvy shopping. Once you are done with shopping, then choose one of these hairstyles and don a perfect look.

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