Friday, July 24, 2009

5 Organic Foods you Should Eat

Do you ever find yourself dazed and confused while staring at the shelves of the grocery store trying to figure out which organic foods you should buy? Let's face it, organic foods are not always affordable; some cost an estimated 10% - 40% more. So how can you determine which foods are the most important to buy "green"?

Eating these 5 organic things will go a long way toward protecting your body & our air and water from toxic chemicals:


2)Lettuce (Fact - conventional lettuce has some of the highest levels of pesticides)

3)Apples (Fact - apples are the 2nd most commonly eaten fruit (after bananas), and rank high on the toxic pesticide list)

4)Marinara Sauce

5)Meat (ex. choose free-range beef)

Have a great weekend.


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