Friday, July 17, 2009

Can’t take the Heat? Stay cool with Doie

Me in my Doie dress.
When its sweltering hot outside like today and you’re feeling dewy, I suggest you get yourself some Doie.

Doie’s designs, created by Sara Krisner, are made from breathable earth friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo jersey and silk. Doie’s designs won’t disappoint. There’s something for every fashion conscious chick. Sara’s styles capture the essence of both coasts – East & West. Sara & her collection, Doie, were based in NYC for quite some time, but now they have found a new home in Los Angeles.

Aside from earning style points in my book, Doie’s collection made from bamboo jersey and organic cotton will keep you looking and feeling cooler. Bamboo’s breathable fabric can keep you 2 degrees cooler. Organic cotton is another great fabric to wear during the summer because it’s a natural lightweight fiber.

I don’t play around when it’s hot outside… If I have a choice to keep my core temperature 2 degrees cooler just by wearing bamboo, I’m all for it!

Check out Doie’s latest designs and read more about the designer and her inspiration behind her eco-fashion line.

Use the code spring30, for 30% off of the Los Angeles Collection.


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